NEW AGE LANDSCAPE 09-31.07.2021, CASINO DISPLAY Luxembourg

Entitled New Age Landscape, Andrea Mancini's project proposes different sound and visual experiments in the form of interdisciplinary installations, immersing the public in the universe of "other spaces", both material and invisible, imbued with the codes of club culture, central in the artist's journey.The "invisible sound"In these audio-visual experiments, there is on one hand the main visual material, mainly video and construction and construction materials, and on the other hand the sound material, which in each room corresponds to the "invisible sound" of the room. The invisible sound is the sound of the electromagnetic field captured by a small device. This sound is recorded in each room of the gallery and modulated with analog effects to make it a transformed sound material."Other spaces"A space that is located within a space that surrounds it. The other space functions differently than the larger space that surrounds it. "

programmed by Casino, Forum of Contemporary Art Luxembourg


Scenography with installation, sound, digital art, light and smells.

Diptyque video et son avec son extérieur et écouteurs


Installation avec son, vidéo en direct et projection


Installation en métal et tissus avec projection vidéo et son

Installation sonore


Installation avec son

Andrea Mancini